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Underarms Sweat Pads (Pack of 20)

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Keep your armpit dry and cool ALL day!

Say goodbye to sweaty underarms using this Invisible Underarm Sweat Pads! Helps to quickly absorb excessive sweat under the armpit or sole with antibacterial to prevent odor and stain on clothes.

These sweat absorbent pads assure you no more embarrassing underarm or elsewhere wetness to be seen even if you sweat heavily in summer. Stickily adhere to the skin, breathable and soft keeping your underarms dry and comfortable all day.

Enjoy the freedom to dress up any colour, any style as its curved design is more in line with the clothes, invisible and allows it to beautifully blend in with fabrics. Features a lightweight and skin-friendly, good enough for outdoor and travel use.


  • Prevent stubborn sweat: Allows the pads to absorb 10 times more sweat and 20 times faster. The pads effectively absorb wet through shirts or clothes and give you the greatest confidence during important meetings or dating.

  • Soft and comfortable: Made of cotton, the sweat-absorbent patch is super soft, comfortable to wear and does not easily damage your underarm’s skin.
  • Ultra-thin design: No more hiding in dark colour or baggy clothes, because these amazing sweat pads are nearly invisible, unnoticeable zero sweat secrets, and allow you to blend effortlessly with your clothes.

  • Super Sticky:  Strong self-adhesive to clothes, the underarm sweat pad is securely adhered to fabric and does not slip easily.
  • Protect your clothes: Providing you with complete protection from hard-to-remove stain on shirts, wetness and unwanted odors.

  • Leak-proof: Designed to provide a maximum absorption of up to 30ml to counteract any level of perspiration to prevent wet armpits for 6-8 hours, keeping your shirts cool and dry all day.
  • Lightweight & Portable:  Small in size and lightweight, the underarm sweat patch is easy to carry anywhere and store when not in use.
  • Skin-friendly: Hypoallergenic, safe to use, it will not cause irritation and redness to your delicate skin.
  • Great for ALL: Suitable for men and women to make your daily life more cool and comfortable


  1. Remove adhesive sheet from the pad
  2. Insert the pad inside your clothes (broad side of the pad should be stuck onto inner side of sleeve;
  3. Narrow side of the pad should be stuck onto outer of sleeve)
  4. Peel off the pad easily after used.