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Bageshwar Dham Tulsi Mala (100% Original Tulsi beads) ( Buy 1 Get 1 Free )

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Lord Hanuman ji is highly regarded in scriptures, and Tulsi is considered exceptionally sacred. Keeping the Tulsi Mala, especially with Lord Hanuman ji as the most beloved, not only enhances the flow of electric power in the body but also strengthens one's ability to harness the power of the zodiacs. Our meticulously crafted Tulsi/Basil stem beads, forming the Tulsi Mala, guarantee authenticity and premium quality.

Lord Hanuman ji Tulsi is considered to be very sacred in the scriptures. Due to having Lord Hanuman ji as the most beloved, Tulsi Mala, who keeps the Tulsi Mala, also keeps Lord Hanuman ji in his heart by holding Tulsi, the flow of electric power in the body increases and The power to hold the power of the zodiacs increases.Wearing tulsi mala in the throats causes electricity to flow, which does not allow obstruction of blood circulation. Astrology exists around the holder due to strong electric power.

According to the scriptures, there is no famine or any harmful disease to the person holding it. According to the Shaligram Purana, if the Tulsi mala is on the person's body while taking food, then it receives the virtue of making many sacrifices to the person, the diseases which remain in the house where there is tulsi.

Tulsi kanthi mala Original with Hanuman Locket. Hanuman Tulsi kanthi mala/Tulsi Beads Mala | Good Quality. Tulsi kanthi mala is regarded as the 4th incarnation of supreme Goddess. Tulsi Mala gives peace of mind and reduces stress. Tulsi kanthi mala is regarded as best for worshipping lord Vishnu Ram and Krishna.

Tulsi mala for neck krishna locket for men tulsi ka mala tulsi kanthi mala tulsi locket black tulsi mala black tulsi mala silver chain krishna locket ram locket ram locket for men tulsi kanthi tulsi mala for neck women tulsi mala kanthi. This is beautiful Tulsi mala necklace with hand carved Sri Radha Radha Pendant & Locket.

If one is a devote of Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu, one should wear Tulsi mala Neck beads. Tulsi mala neck beads are for protection. This is detailed hand carved pendent with picture of Radha Radha . Radha Radha is looking very beautiful. Set on an attractive string of pure tulsi mala beads.

Spiritual Benefits

  • Enhances peace of mind, easing stress and anxiety.
  • Boosts focus and concentration, supporting both meditation and daily activities.
  • Traditionally associated with good fortune, health, and prosperity.
  • Especially powerful when worn on Tuesdays, believed to attract financial prosperity and overcome fears.

Order now and step into a world of spiritual enlightenment and well-being. Embrace the divine energy of the Bageshwar Hanuman Mala!